Dust off your writing pens!

So how many folks have found themselves in this situation?


It’s New Years Eve, the countdown has begun! As friends and family gather around to toast to a new year, you’ve already got your list of New Year’s resolutions made. You’ll have things like getting healthy, saving money, or taking that big trip. But one item sticks out for you as a writer, and it seems like a simple one.


Get serious about writing more.

The ball drops and everyone cheers to welcome in the new year. Fast forward to the next day, likely sometime in the afternoon. For those of you over twenty-one, the alcohol may be wearing off. For my underage folks you may be getting over a sugar crash or a food coma; or both! That’s when you’ll start thinking about those resolutions. You start to make a plan and it might look like this


  1. Sign up for a gym and start meal planning (for that get healthy resolution)
  2. Set up an automatic transfer of $20 to a savings account every month (for that savings one)
  3. Research cheap airline flights and hotels (for that big trip resolution)


But then you stop, the pencil posed above the paper as you think about that last resolution. The first step doesn’t come to you. Then a question forms in your head, and it’s gonna get stuck there like a tick on a hound.


How do I get serious about writing more?


Well, January here at the Fox Den is all about how to answer that question! We’ll take a look at some ways that you as a writer can get serious about writing. Things like where to get ideas, how to set up time to write, and the most dreaded of all, plotting!

First up, we’ll look at a Writer’s Path post covering finding time to write!

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