2018 goal setting

Alright now that we’ve figured how to make time to write, it’s time to figure out what goals to set and how to get them accomplished. January is the time almost everyone makes goals for the new year. But the problem is when you set goals on the bigger scale, it can be easy to forget to set the smaller steps needed to reach them. For example, it’s great to say you’ll get in shape in the new year. But if you don’t set the small steps of working out twice a week or begin cooking healthier meals, that big goal will stay just that. The same goes for writing.

So today I’m going to take a look at the systems I personally use to set those goals and get them accomplished. I’ll start big picture at the yearly goals. From there I’ll explain how I break down the goals to make them more manageable, and how that affects my planning. When it comes to the quarterly/monthly debate, I like to use a system I found from watching author Kristen Martin’s youtube channel. Rather than the long period of quarterly or the short monthly, she focuses on bi-monthly goals. (If you have not checked out her channel I recommend that you do! She’s got phenomenal videos that cover a wide range of writing topics).


Through all this, you’ll see the system I use personally. While I’ll include all the goals I have, except those that need to be kept secret, I’ll take a close look at the writing specific goals. So let’s get started!

2018 yearly goals:

2018 is going to be a busy year in my household! Between launching the Fox Den and beginning my first novel, there were a lot of new goals that I had never had to think of before. Thus, when I initially sat down to think on my goals a week before the new year, I had to break down the different types of goals. My three categories looked like this:

  1. Personal
  2. The Fox Den
  3. Writing

From there I sat down and started writing my goals. By the end of a few minutes it looked like this:

  1. Personal
    1. Learn to better manage stress
    2. Read at least 12 new books
    3. Get healthy
    4. Take a vacation with my husband
  2. The Fox Den
    1. Post consistently
    2. Grow the community
    3. Build the social media presence of The Fox Den
  3. Writing
    1. Finish world building map
    2. Complete Unity rough draft
    3. Complete New project outline
  4. Complete Peace Seeker trilogy outline

Along with a few super secret projects, this is what my 2018 is going to look like. I like to mix and match some of my goals, trying to make sure I have different areas to focus on. So while I’m a writer first, I also want to focus on personal and blogging goals too. From this step I broke it down even further, looking to figure out what small steps I need to complete to make these goals possible.


    1. Learn to better manage stress
      1. Take a stress management course
    2. Read at least 12 new books
      1. Read one new book per month
    3. Get healthy
      1. Work out three times a week
      2. Eat at least three healthy meals a week
      3. Cook one new dish per week
    4. Take a vacation with my husband
      1. Research places to go
      2. Check flights
      3. Set up babysitter
      4. Book hotel
  1. The Fox Den
    1. Post consistently
      1. Work ahead when time allows
      2. Keep up on monthly editorial calendar
    2. Grow the community
      1. Create space for open and honest communication
    3. Build the social media presence of The Fox Den
      1. Post on each platform at least once a week (twitter, FB, IG, etc)
      2. Ensure each platform posts blog updates
  2. Writing
    1. Finish World building map
      1. Decide the breakdown of each country
      2. Complete at least one sketch every two months
    2. Complete Unity rough draft
      1. At least 1 ½ chapters per month
    3. Complete New project outline
      1. Work on rough overall outline
      2. Breakdown chapters
  3. Complete Peace Seeker trilogy outline

With my goals, and the smaller steps, broken down I can move on to actual planning. As I mentioned above I love using the Bi monthly set up that Kristen Martin uses.


As the name suggests, this system is to set goals for two months at a time. Rather than only having 30 days, it gives you longer. I’ve found that this allows me the freedom to move things around based on how my time is turning out. That means if I’m burnt out on working on one project, I have the flexibility to put it to the side for the moment.

Another part of the system that I love is that she sets her goal to reaching at least 75% of the bi-monthly goals. To me, this allows for that wonderfully tricky thing called life. Sometimes, it is just not possible to get everything done. Instead of stressing out because one or two goals didn’t happen, celebrate the goals that you were able to do!

So, for my Jan-Feb breakdown looks like this:

  1. Post one blog per week
  2. Write Chapter 3 for Unity
  3. Write Chapter 4 for Unity
  4. Get stage one of new project outlined
  5. Read a self improvement book
  6. Take a stress management class
  7. Workout twice a week
  8. Cook at least one new dish a week
  9. Read a fiction book
  10. Take one personal day
  11. Finish one country outline for Unity
  12. Complete Stage 2 of Peace Seeker second book

Personally, I like to try for twelve items, because that means to meet 75% I need an even number of nine. Notice that each item also links back to the greater goals set at the beginning of the year. Your own goals may include different things, particularly depending on what you want to write, your personal goals, and any other goals.  Hopefully this break down helps you get an idea of how to work on your goals for 2018!

I hope you enjoyed a small peek into how my year will go, and I’d love to hear about your own goals for the year! Have a writing goal? Or a personal one? Leave me a comment letting me know what your 2018 will look like!

Next week we’ll take a look at the dreaded topic of outlines (*distant screaming*) and the four types of outlines I’ve found success with! Until then my foxies!

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