Marching into March

Hello Foxes!


So it may seem like I completely disappeared, but I promise I haven’t. February turned out to be a really tough month for a multitude of reasons. It really seemed like there wasn’t enough time to do ANYTHING. I apologize for the lack of posts in that time frame, but I’m going to keep us moving forward.


For the wonderful month of March (Yay! St. Patrick’s day!) I’m going to be taking a look at plots, plotting and all the fun trappings around that. First up I’m going to cover the two things I see most, either that someone has too many ideas or too few.

The Month of Love

Whew! January is officially over, and it’s been a busy month around my house. I went back to school full time, my job started again after the break, and I’ve been working on the blog and my novel. I hope y’all had a great first month in 2018!

But now it’s time to move into the month of love. Yes, I’m totally gonna take advantage of the easy theme. Valentine’s day is a day that seems to split people into three camps. You love it, you hate it, or you completely ignore it. I fall into the last camp. I prefer to do little things throughout the year for my husband rather than fight the crowds to do something big on this day. But no matter what you feel about the holiday, it provides the perfect backdrop to start talking about love in your writing.

While I will have two posts that deal specifically with romantic relationships between partners, I also want to take the time to talk about something else. This week I’ll be taking a look at a writers support system. This can include friends, family, critique and writing buddies, etc. I’ll also have a fun little list of all the romantic cliches I detest, and how I’ve found ways to spin them into something better.

So let’s jump into the month of love! Stay tuned for this weeks post looking at the importance of the writer’s support network. 

Dust off your writing pens!

So how many folks have found themselves in this situation?


It’s New Years Eve, the countdown has begun! As friends and family gather around to toast to a new year, you’ve already got your list of New Year’s resolutions made. You’ll have things like getting healthy, saving money, or taking that big trip. But one item sticks out for you as a writer, and it seems like a simple one.


Get serious about writing more.

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