4 Outlines That Will Save Your Life

Dare I dive into such a sticky topic? Outlines seem to be an area of writing that famously divides many writers. Those that dislike outlines defend their spots ferociously. They’ll tell you that outlines suck out the creativity and joy of discovery from writing. On the other side, outliners will defend their side as fierce. They’ll tell you there’s no way to write a novel without an outline.

When you’re new to writing, coming into this age old battle can feel overwhelming. How do you know which side is right? In the end, the choice depends on you. While I could not imagine writing a novel without an outline, I don’t think it’s impossible. There are plenty of authors who have been capable of this, and if that’s your style, wonderful! But, for those who want or need to give outlining a try, I’ve broken down four methods. These methods are ones that I have found success with in my personal writing. So I encourage you to explore these options, try some new ones out, and figure out a method that works for you!
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